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US 1 and 192, Downtown Melbourne

Aerial Photos
January 2008 Photos
February 2008 Photos
March 2008 Photos
April 2008 Photos
Flying Lobby Roof

This Project is a seven-story (six occupied) Building sited on Crane Creek.
It was built for a consortium of prominent medical professionals including
Health First, Dr.Hynes and the Osler Medical Group.

The lowest level is a stormwater retention tank with weir-controlled
flood-condition overflows. The next first three floors are parking
levels. The top three floors are medical offices and surgery centers.
Burlingham designed the primary building structure as reinforced post-
tensioned concrete slabs with masonry exterior walls throughout.
The roof is a combination of steel framing and PT concrete.

Rendering of the Finished Building

The project was an opportunity to demonstrate our abilities with creative design.
When we began, the building had been completely designed and already bid out to
for pricing. The problem we were sought to solve was the project construction cost.
The high price tag was threatening to scrap the entire Project before it began.

An local Developer was brought in to solve the cost issue, a client of ours since 1993.
They approached Burlingham for an economical re-design. We were able to re-work the
structure for a net result savings of $1.6 million. Our design also saved four months in
construction time. Subtracting the month we spent re-designing the structure and our fees,
our design saved the project while subtracting three months and $1.5 million in cost.
The building we designed is also structurally superior and stronger than the first design.

This building retains and holds stormwater runoff from its own roof and parking, and from Highway 1,
allowing it to slowly leach into the groundwater table rather than contributing to the periodic
flooding of Crane Creek and Melbourne Harbor. The lowest-level stormwater tank retains a total of
800,500 gallons of stormwater before the overflow flood relief weirs become active.

This building has a medical MRI scanner on the 5th floor weighing 15 Tons. Besides the structural
design challenge of supporting such a load on an elevated floor level, there is also difficulty faced
physically installing such a large heavy piece of equipment. The client also wished for an ability to
replace that MRI periodically, in order to keep state of the art equipment. Our solution to both problems
was large custom-made Fifth Floor "Wall Doors," built to swing open to permit crane access to the MRI Room.
When not used the wall door is bolted shut to the 9" thick concrete floors above and below it.

Our Firm's Principal Engineer Sean Burlingham served as both the Structural Engineer of Record and the Special
Inspector of Record for the Project. This was a welcomed opportunity to demonstrate our abilities.

Aerial Site Progression
January 2008 Photos
February 2008 Photos
March 2008 Photos
April 2008 Photos
Flying the Lobby Roof

January 2008 from Manatee Park:

Crane Creek Medical Center - seen from Manatee Park

March 2008 from Manatee Park:

Crane Creek Medical Center - seen from Manatee Park

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